Summer Workshop Series

The Summer Workshop Series was designed specifically for both serious, advanced dancers and beginners or dancers of intermediate level who are ready to be challenged! With limited class sizes and an intimate studio setting, each dancer will enjoy the individualized attention only the Summer Workshop Series and Dance Studio in San Diego can provide. The Series includes a variety of dancing workshops that are devoted to separate dance styles, such as Jazz, Contemporary, Classical etc.

These workshops focus on how people, working together, can create form and movement to breathtaking effect. At our Summer Workshop Series, we work with dancers and non-dancers alike to let go of preconceptions about dance, and discover infinite forms of what is beautiful and possible.

Workshops take place at the Dance Studio in San Diego, CA, in the main training hall. Join us for an immersive dancing experience with an amazing and unforgettable performance, which features:

  • 11.5 hours of class with chosen workshop instructor
  • 2 additional master classes with dance industry professionals (for advanced dancers)
  • Improvisation/Freestyle class
  • Audition Class with Dance Studio Casting Agent
  • 5 Drop-in classes
  • Certificate of Achievement